Reconfiguring Rail Diesel Car-1 M-3 into an Executive Car

The Rail Diesel Car-1 M-3 was built in October 1950 for the New York Susquehanna and Western Railway. It was sold in 1957 to the Central Railroad of New Jersey (CNJ) as #560. The car then was acquired by New Jersey Transit in 1983 and subsequently to the Coryden Scenic Railroad in the late 1980s or early 1990s. CVSR purchased it in the fall 2003 and re-numbered it back to its original number M-3. It was restored and unveiled to the public June 27, 2004. Initially it was used as a private charter car, then in 2005 it was used for Canton service which has since been discontinued. The car has been out of use for the last several years. RDCar-1 M-3 will be renovated into an Executive Car that will include a  lounge area, bar, table seating and restroom. The expected completion date is September 2019.