Reconfiguring an existing ADA Coach Car into an ADA Dining Car

Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad (CVSR) is proud to have two ADA-accessible coach cars in its fleet to provide accessibility for people with disabilities and limited mobility. These cars can accommodate up to 60 passengers (depending on the number of wheelchairs) and have hydraulic lifts, accessible restrooms, and wheelchair tie-downs. Unfortunately, accessibility is limited to coach seating. As a result, ADA passengers and their guests cannot currently participate in any of CVSR’s dining programs (breakfast and dinner excursions) or in deluxe seating opportunities for special events that are currently only available in dining cars with tables. To address the need to make our fleet and programs more accessible to passengers with disabilities and limited mobility, CVSR will upgrade one ADA coach car to an ADA dining car. The expected completion date for the ADA Dining Car is Spring/Summer 2020.